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Question of the Week: Who is the Villain of the Lockout?

December 14th, 2012 at 8:45 PM
By Kyle Alexander Abney

Our friends over at Raw Charge run a segment called the "Question of the Week", where lead editor John Fontana poses a question to the Lightning blogosphere and then reposts the answers.

This weeks food for thought was pointing the finger at one person or entity responsible for the ongoing 2012-2013 lockout, which is looking more and more likely to claim the entire NHL regular season as happened in 2004-2005.

The single caveat for this weeks question was that there were no cop-outs allowed. One person had to be picked, even though most would agree there is enough blame to go around on both the players' and owners' sides.

With that in mind, head over to Raw Charge yourself to see the responses to that question and vote on the poll yourself. Also, feel free to make your opinion heard in the comments. I'll repost my answer here now, where I explain my reasoning for pointing the finger at the most obvious target: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

That's certainly difficult to pinpoint, but it is hard for me not to point my finger first at Bettman and the owners he represents. Remember that when the last CBA was about the expire, the players extended an olive branch and were willing to play the 2012-2013 season under the old CBA (the one essentially written by Bettman and co. after the last lockout) while negotiations continued. If that offer had been accepted, all of his posturing and proposing we've seen these past months could have been happening alongside NHL hockey. That this is a lockout, and NOT a strike, makes it difficult for me to blame anyone on the player's side. They deserve their share of the blame, but if you're asking me to point the finger in one direction, I don't see how it is at anyone but Bettman.

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